I have been trying to enhance the Drupal ping module so that it does not dead end when Pingomatic or Pingoat are to busy or down for vaious reasons.

The problem I am having is finding the right usage of XMLRPC for blog searchs like icerocket where it does not seem to accept the standard XMLRPC inputs.

Using this:

$client = new xmlrpc_client('/', 'ping.blo.gs', 80);
  $message = new xmlrpcmsg('weblogUpdates.extendedPing', array(new xmlrpcval($name), new xmlrpcval($url), new xmlrpcval($url), new xmlrpcval($feed)));
  $result = $client->send($message);
  if (!$result || $result->faultCode()) {
    watchdog('error', t('Failed to notify blo.gs.'));
    watchdog('log', t('blo.gs ('.parse_response_string($result->value()).').'));

Works fine when pinging most of the top searchs but icerocket and some others do not return or accept the code used by this library. Even though they claim to use the same XMLRPC protocols and names.

When using this code the value() and fault() code are returned as non objects becuae the server does not givethe typical reponse.

I anyone familiar with these and have a list of codes for them ? Or is anyone familiar with a particular one and can help out? Knowing these will help all.


Blo.gs [working]

Technorati [working]

Feed Burner [need code]

Syndic8 [need code]

NewsGator [need code]

Feedster [need code]

My Yahoo! [need code]

PubSub.com [need code]

Blogdigger [need code]

BlogRolling [need code]

BlogStreet [need code]

Moreover [need code]

Weblogalot [need code]

Icerocket [need code]

News Is Free [need code]

Topic Exchange [need code]