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    Please Read Before Requesting A Script

    Looking for a script of some kind? When asking for advice on a script it will be helpful if you provide the following pieces of information:

    1) What programming language would you like the script to written in?

    2) What operating system will the script reside on?

    3) What kind of budget do you have?

    4) Does it have to be open source? Or can it be proprietary?

    5) Can the source be encrypted?

    6) What features are you specifically looking for?

    7) Do you see any working examples of the script? Show us.

    Also, before making a new post:

    1) Have you checked HotScripts to see if it is listed there. The odds are if it is not listed there it probably doesn't exist.

    2) Do a search and see if this has been discussed previously in our forums.
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