I am currently new to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have two eBooks that I have been reading about the both Ruby and Rails, and I find the language and MVC very interesting! That is why I have decided to try to install Ruby and Rails for my Apache2 server running off of my Windows XP (SP2) laptop.

I was able to successfuly install Ruby and Rails without a problem. The next thing I did was to configure Ruby and Rails for Apache2 using the instructions provided to me at this site: Fast CGI and Apache2 for Windows XP

The rails application that I am trying to use is named 'demo'. When I go to that application (http://demo/), it takes me to the 'Welcome aboard: You’re riding the Rails!' page. Okay, so far so good. So now I right my 'Hello, World!' file (saving it under the views folder as 'hello.rhtml'), I create a controller called 'Say', and I put the whole 'def hello' (followed by 'end' on the next line) into my say_controller.rb file. Theoretically, I should be able to go to my 'Hello, World!' by going to http://demo/say/hello, but instead, the browser waits an incredibly long amount of time before it goes to a 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' page.

I believe I have thoroughly described my problem. Any help would be MOST appreciated! Thanks!

~Patrick Smith~