I received a letter yesterday from a company called Acacia Technologies. To make a long story short, they claim that they hold certain patents on technology that deliver popup ads, and that by using popup ads my site is in violation of their patents.

The example they include with the letter shows a screenshot of one of my site pages with a Casale popup over it. Their letter goes on to say that they have already entered into settlements with companies including Priceline, Orbitz, and CoolSavings. Finally, they offer a "special" license for $5,000 a year, which will "allow" me to continue displaying popup ads, and provide a limited waiver for past damages.

This whole thing seems outrageous to me, for obvious reasons. First, the popup ads are served by the advertising networks I use, not directly by me - so if there really is any violation of a "patent" it would be by them. Second, there is no way that this company can threaten to sue every site that displays popups, and think they can get away with it.

Has anybody else heard anything about this, or received a similar letter?