Is there a way to use javascript to solve the following task?

The two methods that I use to get variable names and values to the server are:

1. Getting the name and value from a form or hidden variable and then hitting an "<Input type=submit>" button to post data;


2. Using a link "www.mysite.com/page.php?city=sydney&fname=john&age=10"

With regard to method 2, if I have 100 links like the one above, each with different fname and age values but all with the same city value, is there any way that I can avoid having to include city=sydney on each link yet still getting the city name and value from the webpage to the server?

There are lots of pages, each with 100 links.Each individual page will have the 100 links but a different city name.

All pages will call upon the same php script.

Thanks in advance for you help.