Hi all you experts,

I've just installed InstantRails-1.0-final-win.

Everything went well while I was following the "installation for rails.html" until I got to the end of it ....

* Click on the Start SCGI button. A minimized console window will appear. This contains the cookbook web app running through an SCGI server.

* Wait a few seconds to make sure the cookbook web app is fully initialized (nothing is displayed in the console window). Open your browser and go to:


You should now be using a running Rails application!

If not, perhaps you have an already-running Apache instance. Shut this down, and InstantRails? should magically work. Poke around in the menus of Instant Rails to see what's there.


BUT IT DIDN'T SAY "HOW TO SHUT DOWN THE ALREADY RUNNING APACHE INSTANCE" which was the "cookbook" in the test directory.

I've tweaked it every which way, now I'm STUCK !!

Any help out there I would be extremely grateful !!