Hey there,

About every three months I go through and download Gigs of editors trying to find a replacement for EditPlus - my editor of choice for about 6 years.

There are three things that bug me about EditPlus, but I never seem to find anything that's "better"
  1. The project manager sucks. It's a flat file list and with lots of files, it's basically unusable. Although even Putty gets to be a pain when there's more than 25 SSH accounts set up.
  2. SFTP support is experibroken. Although there are some workarounds, they are all external to EditPlus which makes them annoying. I currently use WebDrive for that as it acts like a mapped drive, very transparent but you have to watch the little system tray icon to see if the file transfer completed before you refresh.
  3. Subversion support is non-existant. I use TortoiseSVN which is integrated into the shell. Works great and again is the least intrusive of the available options.
Other than that I really like EditPlus. It's very fast and light. I do not need code completion or hinting or any of that junk to "help" me. If I need to look up something I have a the PHP manual bound under the user tools. CTRL+1 opens the manual and searches for the text under the cursor. I love the regex search and replace. The ability to expand the fields so that you can match against multi-line patterns is a hair saver.

On Unix you can do everything with vim, although I had a little trouble recently with ASP style tags in a file - I think only Zend can deal with those little mofos natively. Although in EditPlus I just created a different syntax definition file that declared the ASP tags as the tags. One little config change and I can work happily with them.

Personally I am going to be converting to Mac - where BBEdit appears to be king.

I think that the IDEs are useful if you are dealing with complicated builds and a compiling process that makes debugging difficult. I Unit Test first and when I need a watch I use var_dump(). A text editing tool (even if it's a fancy IDE) is not a replacement for your brain.