I have a Page with a textarea that should no go into the background (->blur).
I tried to do this with
<body OnBlur="self.focus()">
<form ...>
<textarea name=...></textarea>

At first, it had the effect I wanted, but then I realized, that it's impossible to insert any text into the textarea.
When ever I try to write something, nothing happens!

For some reasons, the only way to insert text is to copy some text from somewhere else, and then paste it not by Ctrl+V, but by "rightclick" -> "Paste".
The only way to remove text from the textarea is to do this by:
"rightclick" -> "Delete" || "Cut"

The Page that should not close is opened by an onClick-Event on another page, which contains a Form as well.
My Problem is, that this original form should not be submitted, before the newly opend form is closed or submitted (it closes itself after it's submitted)

Any Help with my original Idea or suggestions how to solve the problem?