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    PHP System() call a Perl Script Return Code 13 ?

    hi there,

    I run into major problem here and I still cant get it resolved ?

    I tried to execute a perl script using the PHP system call

    This is The Code

    $haha = system('perl /home/testing/cron_scripts/', $retval);

    echo "Haha is $haha<br>";
    echo "Ret Val is $retval<br>";

    The problem is I keep getting $retval = 13 ? But if I were to run them from Command line it works. However the script will take sometime. I am not sure if 13 means the code is running or something ? But the problem is my PHP script just exit !

    THanks.. Hope someone could help me out here. What does the 13 return value means actually ?

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    I would try shell_exec() if possible. You might also check to be sure that perl is in the system PATH variable or that you specify the absolute path to perl so that you're not just getting a 'not found' error.

    PHP Code:
    $haha shell_exec('perl /home/testing/cron_scripts/');

    "Haha is $haha<br>"


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