I bought Agile Web Development with Rails over the weekend and I am in love. I can't believe how powerful Rails is and how much fun it makes coding! Anyway, on to my question.

Assume I have a project here:


I understand that I will find the default public view in:


I've deleted this file and have done the following in C:\rails\project\config\routes.rb:

map.connect '', :controller => "index"

My index controller is sitting in:


and my index.rhtml view in:


Booting webrick form C:\rails\project and browsing to http://localhost:3000/ does indeed bring up my index.rhtml view. The problem is that within index.rhtml I have done the following:

<%= link_to "Visit the store!", :action => "store" %><br />
<%= link_to "Admin", :action => "admin" %>

... which point to http://localhost:3000/index/store and http://localhost:3000/index/admin rather than http://localhost:3000/store and http://localhost:3000/admin.

My question, then, is how do I create a default index controller/view that would be used as, or act as, a typical index.php file in the web docroot of your website? Am I on the right path and just missing something?