I am planning to place my links on some other partner sites and various newsletters. What I need to track is that which link is getting me how much traffic? Sounds simple and common isnt it. Well, I havent been able to get any good script so far which lets do this simple, fast and nice.

Some of the features i would be looking for:

  • PHP Prefered
  • Allows creation of various links to be placed at diff sites/newsletters
  • Admin Control to see the hits and incoming traffic
  • Lastly should be free

I think for a better understanding u should see www.roibot.com or maybe this PERL script which does something similar http://www.thebeaches.to/jmwd/charit...ktracker.shtml

but I prefer working with PHP scripts.

Hope i can get some good feedback on this one..

Thanks and BYE !

- Kapil