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    UTOTD: How to prevent your email from being mistaken for Spam

    UTOTD: Unsolicited Tip Of The Day ;-)

    How to prevent your email from being mistaken for Spam

    Regardless of what precautions you take when sending email,
    if the person cannot remember signing up for your content,
    they're going to run, screaming 'SPAM'.

    So, rather than just say "You are receiving this email
    because you checked a box...blah blah" which pretty much any
    spammer can include in their email, you could:

    1. Personalize the email with their your receiver's
    first name. The subject of your email could be
    'Ravi, your August newsletter is ready', and you could also
    use the first name one-two times within the email
    (don't over do it).

    Spammers rarely, if ever, get access to your first name.
    So, that is one thing which could distinguish legitimate
    email from spam.

    2. If you have the resources to do yourself or get some
    programming done, then try to include a link in the email
    which says 'You are subscribed at'

    This helps in one other way too: Many people try to
    unsuccessfully unsubscribe from your list using the *wrong*
    email id. In many cases, they may be subscribed at which they may, in turn be forwarding to
    their ISP's email address

    And they get frustrated when we, the publishers, don't
    unsubscribe them when they send us a 'unsubscribe me'
    email from the *wrong* address.

    So, as I was saying, including a link in the email which
    says 'You are subscribed at' will help them
    correctly identify at which email id they are subscribed
    and will thus potentially save everyone a lot of time and

    3. Make your list *Double Opt-In* :
    Its no longer enough if someone simply sends you an email
    through a form on your web site. You need an actual email
    from them - an actual email with headers and IP information
    about their ISP - which you can use as proof if some
    forgetful subscriber in a bad mood decides to report you to

    Ultimately, nothing can truly prevent a subscriber from
    mistaking your email for spam. But the above few points can
    help the chances of that happening to a very great extent.


    Your friendly neighborhood Internet HandyMan,


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    Unsubscribe Option

    Another thing to make sure you do is include a legitimate URL for an unsubscribe option. I've signed up for numerous free services on the web for purposes of testing only to find that I become the target of mass emails.

    A lot of the people that send these emails give me a good link to reply and unsubscirbe to or a URL, but there are just as many that provide URLs or addies that are crap. You click the click here to unsubcribe link just to end up at some jerk ball page with no idea how (or where to find) the unsubscribe option.

    So for the sake of not being a spamming jerk, include an addy or direct link to an unsubscribe option page.

    As you can tell, I'm quite passionate about this.
    MediaOhgr - But then again, maybe it's just me ...


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