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    Shopping Cart, Automatic Emails and Auto Upadting Price

    First. How do i send an email to myself from a php script where people selected things from a list. I know how to print the stuff on another page, but i cant figure out how to send them to my email.

    Second. How should I start making a shopping cart. I dont know where to start. Please just point me in the right direction.

    Third. Is there anyway (in php) to have the prices automatically update in a list. Like this.... when they click the drop down list they will see the different selections with the added or subtracted price next to them. When they select one, the total price changes and the prices next to the selections changes too.


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    1 -- Checkout PHP's mail() function.

    2 -- Run a search on for something like "PHP shopping cart" -- a site like PHPBuilder might have something useful as well. I guess the best way to get started is to ask yourself precisely what the script needs to do. In the case of a shopping cart, it needs to acept user input, and will most likely need to use PHP's session-handling capabilities, so that the user can browse around freely, while their selected items remain intact.

    3 -- That sounds like a job for JavaScript, actually. HTMLGooodies has a HUGE, amazing set of JavaScript Primers.


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