Hello everyone!
I was wondering if you all could help me. I am in high school you see, and my teacher has this idea for a student management system with goals and such. Anyway, I came here for advice, so that is what I will ask. I have built a couple of simple RoR Aplications, such as a todo list, and a shout box but I have not yet tackled anything of this magnitude. Basically, there will be a database containing name, pictures, skills, goals, parent names, emails and such displayed individually for each student. Also, there will be a Project summary and info section for each student, that could be updated by them. Along with the project, it will shows skills that they have developed. The skills will be rated on Good, bad and So-so, represented by filled, half-filled and blank circles. Anyway, my question is this, starting up with a such a big project, I'm a little hazy as to where I should start. I was wondering if there are any applications such as the one I will be creating out there that could help me. Also, is there any advice on how to acutall create what I'll be creating? Thank you in advance. - Jeff

Oh, and Happy Valentines DAY.