Hello everybody, here is my topic:

I was wondering what all you php scripters do to keep your code organized and clear for big projects. For example, I'm writing this really huge project (20 000 lines right now, and not even close to being done). It's basically a bunch of services (not trivial ones) grouped together so that a user only signes up, and can manage the services for multiple sites in one control panel. Also, there is a Private Messaging system and forum integrated in the Control Panel (as I need to add a custom one under the circumstances.

And I'm not a really experienced scripter (have already done multiple projects, but not of this size), and I thought I planned the layout of the code well enough before hand, but now, as I'm coding, it's getting pretty chaotic, and if I don't do anything soon to restructure the code, it's going to make no sense to me anymore.

I was wondering how you guys all organize code for projects to keep the script clean, organized, and most importantly, easily upgradable / alterable / etc...

Also, hints on how splitting big projects like this one in between multiple coders would be useful .

I can't wait to read some of your comments.