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    How to pay "micro" salaries?

    Hello all,

    I'd like to hire people and pay them to do micro-tasks (such as posting in forums, or the type of tasks they have on Amazon Mechanical Turk). Each task is paid a few cents and in the end people get a salary around 20-50 dollars.

    I'm trying to do this in France where the 2 only ways that I can - legally - pay someone are:
    • by hiring them as an employee (short- or long-term)
    • by renting their services as a contractor (freelance)

    But I don't want to go into either of these options (the former seems like a lot of paperwork for a small job, the latter would require my employees to be registered as contractors or independent professionals). Instead, I'd like to be able to hire (and pay) about anyone (students, professionals, retired people... - no special status required) with as little hassle as possible.

    Given the number of offers in Sitepoint forums for paid forum posting jobs, I assume the legislation in some countries (Australia ? UK ? USA ?...) makes it possible - and easy - to pay micro-salaries legally. Does any of you know if that's correct (in any of these countries)? Do you know what the "legal configuration" is to be able to pay such salaries (in any of these countries)?

    Thank you.
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    In the US anyone can be a contractor as long as they report income to the government. There's no requirement for registration unless you want to start your own consulting business or something similar, or if you're going into a field that requires licensure (for example, you couldn't be a freelance taxi driver without a drivers license obviously ).

    I'm not sure it could be done in France the same way if everything you say about contractors having to register/get licensing is true.


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