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    Looking for a solution to filter traffic by region

    I need to geographically filter the traffic to my website, so that I can serve banners to specific countries only, as in english banners to visitors from the USA or German banners to visitors from Germany. Does anybody know of a script to accomplish this?

    It would also be enough for me to know how to distinguish the geographical location of visitors by their IP addresses. I could set up my ad-server (phpAdsNew) to serve banners to specific IP regions, if I only knew what IP addresses represent what countries. Does anybody know of such a resource?

    OK, thanks for reading this


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    First thing would probably be to evaluate the visitor's Accept-Language that her/his browser sends every time.
    Second thing, yes there are databases that associate ip ranges with geographical regions but they are not free as I know of. Several graphical traceroute frontends for windows take advantage of such data in order to print the route on a little globe.
    The ip of origin may not always give you solid proof of a person's origin since proxies may be used that are located elsewhere.

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