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    UTOTD: Do this if you DON'T WANT to Promote your Ezine

    Here's your UTOTD - Unsolicited Tip Of The Day

    ** Make it easy for Your Subscribers to Subscribe to your newsletter on your Web Site. **

    On your web site, don't give your potential subscriber just a
    link to click on, I mean, like

    Clicking on this will make the browser open the default
    email client - like Eudora or Netscape Messenger or Outlook.

    You will lose a surefire subscriber if:

    a. their computer has no email client set up,
    b. the default email client is not correctly set up or
    incorrectly configured
    c. they are using a friend's computer and sending an email
    from the default client, if it did open correctly, would
    subscribe the friend, and not them.
    d. they're at work, and do not want to misuse their work email
    id, or simply want to subscribe at their personal email
    address to read from home.

    Why 'surefire' and not 'potential' subscriber?
    Because you did manage to get their attention - which is usually
    the most difficult part - and then lost someone who was was willing
    to give you their email address - which means that you have
    potentially lost hundreds of dollars in long term sales.

    For instance, visit my home page at
    and then either close the browser or click away to a
    different link, and you will notice a form pop-up.

    You will notice that I've made it convenient for my visitors to
    easily subscribe to up to FOUR of my newsletters - with
    ONE SINGLE CLICK - and they need to enter their email address
    only ONCE.

    Its tough enough to get grab someone's attention, show them your
    content, get them interested in your ezine and make them trust you
    enough to make them want to give you their email address.

    Don't screw it up because you didn't know better.

    You do know better, at least now

    BTW: Don't forget to ask for their 'First Name'. You can use
    this to personalize the email that you send them.

    Regards and have a wonderful day.

    Your friendly neighborhood web developer

    Ravi Jayagopal

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    You've listed some great tips there, thanks for the article. You might want to run through it again and check for grammar errors though, I found a few.
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