This is driving me mad!

I cannot get dba, and more specifically, Berkeley db3 suport working with my DSO build of php for apache. The twist is that when I compile php as a stand alone binary I can use the php dba functions to access db3 databases no troubles, but when I compile php into a dynamic apache module and load it into Apache, I can't get it to support db3 through the dba libarary!

I'm going nuts over this. I have written an web application that rellies on using a Berkeley DB3 database that is also used by another application. I guess, at the end of the day, I might have to just run the scripts as CGI - but it just makes no sense to me that php builds and works fine as a binary but not as an apache module.

I know this is a long shot - but if anyone has similar experience and can recommend some solution - please help.

Here are the config details of my latest build:

I even reinstalled Berkeley DB3 using:

Also, I've made a bug report with more details at

And finally, what the heck is up with Telstra Bigpond Cable in New South Wales today!