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    50% Off - Automatic Pulling of Domains - Domain Portfolio Software
    What Exactly Is Name Follow?
    Name Follow is cutting edge new software which makes it much easier to organize, track and sell your domains. Ideally, Name Follow is to be used for an automatic domain portfolio site. This allows you to point any interested buyers to one central location which they can then make offers on your domains if they may be interested.

    What Makes Name Follow Better?
    The one feature that makes Name Follow much better than competition is the ability to pull domains directly from your registrars. You no longer have to manually type in your domains and expiration dates. Name Follow does all this for you cutting the time it takes to add your domains to your site by an enourmous amount. Not only that but the amount of features that Name Follow comes packed with is more than enough to make you consider this software.

    • The ability to automatically pull your domains from your registrars.
    • Easily group your domains into categories which allows for easy locating of the domains which will intrest possible customers.
    • Easily set a status on each domain which will tell the viewing buyers what that domain's current status is. (Example: For Sale, Developed, Sold, ect.)
    • Don't want to show a certain domain? Just make that domain's 'status' hidden and it will not show on the front page.
    • What currency do you want to use? Well this is easily modified via the Admin Control Panel.
    • Many, many more...

    For a limited time, you may order Name Follow for just half the price. All you have to do is order the software installation rather than the actual software and we will credit your account with a license. (Please note, that this change from installation to license takes time. You will have a license in your account no more than 24 hours.)

    The only requirements is that you have mysql and php compiled with curl.

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us via the support on the site or within this thread.
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