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    Simple CRM Solution

    We're faced with a situation right now where we have to manage a number of clients/customers. We're working with them on projects of varying complexity and need to track what we've discussed with them, what the next steps are, etc. My understanding (I'm a newbie at this!) is that this could be accomplished with a CRM system.

    I'd love to be able to install something that is web-based and easy to use and that we could use to share this information across our small office (3-4 people). I've looked at SugarCRM and while I like this I do tihnk it probably offers a lot more than we would need. I was hoping that the 37Signals would get their new CRM product out but it appears that it's still a few months out.

    Does anyone have any suggestions here? I almost think we could just use Outlook for this but I do want to be able to share information and have something that's a little more customized for what we're looking for.

    Any ideas?

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    Yes, a CRM system could help you. SugarCRM is definitely a good one to look at if you are want ease of use, however its client/customer tracking concentrates more on the sales-cycle side rather than the post sale side that you seem to be interested in. CentraView is another good open source CRM, it may have more of the functions you need but is harder to use. I'm actually having a smililar conversation on another thread here, you might want to have a look:

    Another open source CRM you may want to have a look at is Hipergate. I think it's the simplest of the three, though when I last took a look at it about six months ago it was frustratingly buggy. Maybe they took care of those problems by now. And I do remember liking its collaborative tools and its project/task tracking, which sounds like something you need. Anyways, all three of the CRM's mentioned so far have online demos, it's probably a good idea to spend some time playing around with each one.

    It's also a good idea to make a short requirements list, even if just for yourself, so that you can check off the things you want and need as you compare products. I actually had a big chart comparing over a dozen open-source CRM's across fifty or so features, if I can figure out where I put the damn thing I will post it on my company's blog soon.

    Also, a while back I created a power-point presentation, an introduction to CRM features and benefits, if you are interested, click the link at the bottom of my company's CRM page
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