Hello All:
I am fairly new to CSS and am having trouble with this line of code and do not know what to do next.

At this link http://www.thechimneystore.com you will see in the Product Catagories listed that all are listed according to this CSS :

.leftnavMainCat A {color:black;font-weight:bold;font-size:12px;}
.leftnavMainCat A:link {text-decoration:none;font-weight:bold;}
.leftnavMainCat A:visited {text-decoration:none;font-weight:bold;}
.leftnavMainCat A:hover {text-decoration:underline;font-weight:bold;}
.leftnavMainCat A:active {text-decoration:none;font-weight:bold;}

.leftNavSubCat A {color:black;margin-left:8px;font-size:12px;}
.leftnavSubCat A:link {text-decoration:none;font-weight:normal;}
.leftnavSubCat A:visited {text-decoration:none;font-weight:normal;}
.leftnavSubCat A:hover {text-decoration:underline;font-weight:normal;}
.leftnavSubCat A:active {text-decoration:none;font-weight:normal;}
and in the HTML I have this code:

<TD class=leftnavMainCat><ss:foreach item="category" within="$catalog.categoryList()"> <ss:if test="$category.treeLevel == '1'"><ss:link source="$category"/><BR><ss:else/></ss:if></ss:foreach>
<TD class=leftNavSubCat><SPAN style="LEFT: 8px; POSITION: relative"><ss:link source="$category"/><BR></SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

My question is where do I tell the above HTML that the SUB CAT to apply the leftnaveSubCat Class? I tried adding another TD and TR as you can see but it does nothing.

Any help would be appreciated,