I need some help from someone experienced with phpadsnew.

I have a site that has a lot of catagories going from general to specific. i am using "buy from Amazon" ads that i have generated for specific products. i want to server all my ads on the general topics, and have fewier ads servered on the more specific pages. And have only one ad served, an ad for the specific product, on that products page.

An example.
page topic
Site--->Books-->Fiction-->Sci-Fi-->Author-->Book title

ads serverd
all ads--->ads about books--->ad for fiction books--->ads for sci-fi books--->ads just for the authors books--->an ad for the specific book.

So the page about books will have all my book ads. The page for sci-fi books will only have ads for my sci-fi books ads. The page about an author will only have ads for their books. And a page about a specific book will only ever show an ad for that specific book.

I don't want someone to be looking at the page on sci-fi books and see an ad for a cookbook. I want the ads to be targed to the topic of the page.

Is there a way to do this without creating a zone for each page. The site is dynamicly generated, and there are thousands of pages. So a zone for each page isn't really an option.

Thanks, Uk1ah.