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    Does the PACK_KEYS flag really help?

    I out about the PACK_KEYS flag from the program "MySQL query browser". It gives you that choice to use PACK ALL or PACK NONE. The resulting code in the ALTER or CREATE statement is PACK_KEYS=1 or PACK_KEYS=0

    This apperantly speeds up SELECT statements...

    now, I assume that this flag is effective on dynamic tables (which use alot of VARCHAR and TEXT column types). However I haven't really had any experience with it and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it really DOES make any difference.

    Also as I forgot to mention, the drawback is that it slows down UPDATES and DELETE queries.
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    this really only gives you a performace boost when you don't have enough memory to keep all of the indexes in the key cache. if you're worried about speed tweaks like this, i would look at other places first. i have never needed to use this option because i always make sure to allocate enough memory for my key cache.


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