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    Web developers responsibilities

    Hi all,
    I am going to build an e-shop for a client. I will do the design and the development (i am going to use Cube cart).

    1. Which are your opinions about cube cart?
    2. what are my responsibiliites? What should i include in the contract so i am covered?
    3. how am i covered if a fraud happens in the website?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not in the UK, and IANAL, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

    First, I've never used cube cart, but you could probably find reviews or other people using the cart by doing a few Google searches. There are a lot of PHP/MySQL shopping carts out there and sometimes I wonder how many are ports of OSCommerce. This doesn't look like one though. Just look at how many people are using it, and how often they update the software. How long have they been in businss? You want to make sure when there is an issue that you have support.

    Your responsibilities should be discussed with your client. Responsibilities vary from client-client and project-project. I have some clients who need a total e-commerce solution, from market research and planning to implimentation, marketing and maintenance. I also have some that needed some consulting and technical work, but that manage their own marketing, maintenance and advertising. You and your client should discuss what they need, and you should come up with a proposal that includes what you will and will not be doing for this project.

    E-commerce is a risky business. You're dealing with real money, and there is real liability involved. Get insured. If something should happen that was your fault, you could be sued. That's not something you want to think about, but it's the reality of this business.

    And about the contract... You should realy talk to a local attorney - I don't know anything about UK law. But, there are some basic sections you probably want to include in the contract:
    • What is included
    • What is not included
    • Copyright & ownership
    • Liability

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    Get yourself professional indemnity insurance to cover negligence. If you are providing hosting, you should check with your insurer that you are covered for that as well, as some policies do not go that far.

    As for contracts, plenty of those if you do a search on the Business forum.


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