I have an "oldish" site 6+ years that was originally established as a brochure site, then gradually converted to a niche information site. It's one of several sites I have built myself.

The content is pretty unique and is all original .. except for certain technical data. I created much of the content then got a freelancer to do some articles for me on a subject I felt less than adequate to do myself.

A major redesign with professionally created logo has just been completed and the site is looking pretty good. Altogether I have about 50 pages of info style content that ranges from technical data to expert subjective commentary.

The site is monetized with Adsense - XX CTR and making $8 - 12/day with nothing but incoming links and free SE traffic from 250 - 300 uniques per day.

I'm thinking of adding 1 or 2 indy affiliates (luxury big ticket items where lots of research is done prior to purchase). I will probably go to a freelance copywriter to get sales copy for 3-5 good landing pages.

After getting the "store" pages set up and debugged I would do PPC, probably on Overture .. at the same rate as the Adsense revenue.

Any comments, criticizims, recommendations, suggestions?