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    news or tutorial script

    im looking for a tutorial submiting script like you would find on say a photoshop tut site.

    what im looking for is basicly a script that will let me type a tut in at the admin panel and then publish it on the site.

    it has to be able to publish headlines on he main page and the when the user clicks on it be able to send them to the main tut.

    it has to be able to display pictures in it not just text. and also be able to post coments of each tut.

    and below the headline display the number or clicks.

    also i would like to be able to automaticly post articals when im not around

    (in the future i want to be able to users to be able to login and post pictures of there own its going to be a horse site for ridding horses tuts. and i want a feature that lets users post there own pictures and then be displayed as a pic of the month)

    i see a few websites using wordpress is this suted for this type of thing?

    or would i be better using a full cms ie joomla because of the picture posting side of it?

    iv downloaded joomla and it looks very complicated to creat a layout in it
    iv got a basic layout but it looks to complicated to intergrate the layout into it.

    it would be nice to have a comuinity feel to the site to.

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    You should try CMS, after installing it, you can find needful components and modules.
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