Hey Everyone,

Let me start with a little history. A few years back I picked up Acura-Integra.com by chance. It was basically the first site I ever opened, so it was pretty bad at first. Things grew and we changed, then out server was hacked and he/she deleted all our information. Needless to say I was stupid and didn't back up my databases or the site for that matter, I lost everything. It was at that point I decided to restructure everything. I threw up the site that is there now, but I hate it. I started picking up a couple other automotive domain names.

My theory was to bring back the former glory that Acura-Integra.com was, but use multiple sites. All making money through AdSense. Well a little while back I took a business course in college and started thinking of ways I could make a steadier income from the sites other than banner advertising. I began looking into dropshipping automotive parts. It seemed pretty easy. Find a dropshipping wholesale company, setup an account, setup the site and bam, make some money.

It was at this point I decided that maybe I should make a business site, one that would be the center of all of the automotive sites. So I registered 1320Network.com ( 1320 = 1/4mile = drag racing ). I began thinking that rather than work on building a automotive parts store, mabye I should just offer up banner advertising over the whole network to performance stores. I could charge by CPM, setup the PayPal IPN, etc. It seemed like a pretty good idea. But as of now, I only have 3 sites that are up, and neither of them receive enough traffic to sell banner advertisements.

So now, I am looking into dropshipping automotive performance parts again. I think if I were to do this, I would make the store, 1320Network.com, and then advertise my parts for sale on all the other automotive sites. If I build up the traffic on those other sites, it would be like free advertising. Only problem is I am having trouble finding a good dropshipping company that offers everything I need. I would love to find a dropshipper like the one NyxRacing.com has. (The site was for sale here a little while ago). But I just can't find one. I can't hold an inventory for lack of space as well.

So here are a list of the websites domains that I will be developing for the network:


So my three options are:

Straight AdSense Advertising
Sell Advertising to Other Performance Companies
Start my own store on 1320Network.com and advertise on my own sites

I am just looking for some +/- that you guys might be able to see. I am having the sites developed as we speak, so don't take any of the current designs seriously.

If I were to open my own store I would spare no expense on getting it setup correctly.