Hi there, I'm trying to get the company I work for to look at agile processes and XP although through my lack of experience (I only know what I've read) and lack of overall understanding, its quite difficult. Its also made difficult by the fact that we have developers working in different parts of the country.

We have a quarterly meeting coming up soon and we'd like to get somebody down to give us a talk/presentation about Agile/XP/Scrum/Other agile processes etc, how they work, how they are implemented etc. Also advice about how to sell to clients, how to quote/estimate job times/costs and how to deal with the notion that clients will only deal with hard, fixed-cost estimates.

Does anybody here do the above, know somebody who does the above or know where we can look for the above. Also, how much it would cost for somebody to come down for an hour or two. Our central office is based in London.

Any advice is much appreciated.