You're being argumentative when you admittedly don't know what you're talking about.
I don't remember because I don't follow this as closely as I used to. At least I'm not wrong. All of those "platforms" you speak of are hardware designed around ONE WinCE, not hundreds of versions of WinCE. MS designs to that ONE system, not to the hardware it runs on.

You said they always fix vulnerabilities and bugs faster.
Just because a bug is not fixed right away does not mean they don't fix important bugs faster. IE has bugs and security holes that haven't been fixed for years. I pointed out to you that the last bug that was, at first, thought to be important was patched in eight HOURS.

I merely said I'd seen issues fixed faster on IE than FF
No, you said a fix on IE would require at least 12 days.

that a vulnerability in IE meant a vulnerability in the OS. Which is simply no longer the case.
And as Chris Wilson of IE states on the IEBlog, IE7 runs with system components and I will do more search on this.