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    Illegal grouping


    I am having a table with a numeric column where several rows can contain the same value. Now I am trying to determine a random value and then to get a random row from all rows with the next larger value.

    Basically I already got it working with the following pseudo code
    // Getting a random value between 0 and the maximum value of field
    value = SELECT ROUND(RAND()*MAX(field)) FROM table
    // Getting the next larger value based on the random value
    value2 = SELECT field FROM table WHERE field>value ORDER BY field LIMIT 1
    // Getting one random row from all rows with the determined value
    row = SELECT * FROM table WHERE field=value2 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1
    However I am wondering whether there is a better more efficient way to achive this.

    For example by trying to combine the first two calls into
    SELECT field FROM table WHERE field>ROUND(RAND()*MAX(field)) ORDER BY field LIMIT 1
    I am getting an invalid grouping error.


    Sorry, forgot to mention that this is about a MySQL database and hence probably went better into
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