This is a complicated one to explain but I'll try...

I have a database with the following tables: vehicles, owners, jobs & linkup. Because the cars are only kept by the some of the owners for a matter of weeks, months or years before being sold to a new owner, we need to be able to track who was the owner on such a date. This was the best way I could come up with and to have the linkup table link the owner to the vehicle along with a date and ref number.

I now need to create a list of all particular vehicle model owners, but am struggling to get it to show the most recent owner. It prefers, on the otherhand, to defualt to the first owner - in which case would be our company name and not the present owner.

I have shown my query below and if anyone can this of a better way I'd be very grateful.
PHP Code:
  LEFT JOIN linkup ON job_no
  LEFT JOIN owners ON o_id
  LEFT JOIN vehicles ON v_id
  WHERE model 
GROUP BY chassis
  ORDER BY job_no DESC 
I have no idea if this makes any sense to you, but will try to explain it more if needs be.

Many Thanks
Ian Gunter