I have a question about the nText data type. I have one field that I need to store a lot of text and from what MSDN said it looks like nText is the correct data type to use. I use C# (SqlClient) to execute a stored procedure on the database, and verified that the procedure, database table, and C# code all have the type set to nText. However, when I recall the data using Query Analyzer its only reading back 256 characters from a 4,000 character field. I went into Enterprise Manager and its showing the field data as <long text>. I cannot find any errors in any of my code.

Can someone tell me if there are any reasons why only 256 characters are being pulled back, or is this just a limit on how many characters Query Analyzer will return before truncating the rest of the data? I'm suck on wether this is a bug in my code, or if its just Query Analyzer that's dosen't bother returing all the data in a field that large.

Thank you.