I am clueless on this one, and I have spent too much time trying to solve the problem - the code always returns a TRUE for $error and $error_assessment_fee, even when the assessment_fee is checked, inserted into the database, and displayed.

I have checked to make sure the variable is right, and it is. So why does the code return true all the time? This code is at the top of the form document, and the form action is self.

PHP Code:
$error FALSE;
if (isset(
$_POST['submit1']) or isset($_POST['submit2'])) {
is_numeric($_POST['scholarship'])) {
$error TRUE;
$error_scholarship "<p class='red'>Please enter a numeric value!</p>";
        if (empty(
$_POST['assessment_fee'])) {
$error TRUE;
$error_assessment_fee "<p class='red'><b>The assessment fee is REQURIED!</b></p>";