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    Dilemma! Should I goto uni?

    Hi guys,
    Im in a bit of a dilemma currently working as a web developer for a small company in sydney, but i just got an email from Macquarie uni telling me that if i want, i can pay $3,600, do a couple of undergraduate subjects and then jump into the comp science course.

    The thing is, do you think i should keep at my job (average pay), or goto uni, get the degree, be poor for a couple of years while im there and then get a better job that requires a degree?

    Also, what do you think about part time uni and working? Is anyone doing this? Is it too stressful? Any opinions would be good. Thanks. Get the best viral marketing tool on the planet and watch as the number of unique visitors to your site soars!

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    It really depends on what your long term career plans are and how proactive you are about learning new things.

    If you want to remain a programmer or a Web Developer for the next 10 years or so there are shorter, more focused courses around that you can do to that are quite good. And generally practical on the job training is better in the long run for these positions anyway, so uni is not necessary.

    On the other hand if you want to progress into more senior project management or executive position, a degree and some on the job training will give you a more solid grounding to build on.

    At the end of the day, I don't personally think going to uni provides any real advantage, as long as your determined enough to learn new things whether you go or not you'll make it! It's just that uni forces you to learn.

    Aside: The best people I've worked with in the last 5 years don't have uni degrees. I have one.
    Mark Harbottle - Co-Founder - Master The Web!


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