Website Review Guidelines (Effective September 27, 2005)

Welcome to the Website Reviews Forum!

Please note: ALL reviews are moderated and the guidelines must be followed in order for your review to be accepted.

Following are the guidelines for requesting a website review. If you have any questions, feel free to pm a moderator of this forum for help before posting your review.

* You must have reviewed 3 other members' websites in the Website Reviews forum within the last 30 days.
* Reviews must be of an acceptable length. Advisors will discount reviews that they deem to be unacceptably short based on length or content. As a rough guide, we suggest that your review should be at least two paragraphs and should offer suggestions specific to the site rather than just offering general praise.
* All requests for reviews are subject to the SitePoint Guidelines in regard to acceptable content. Links to content deemed to be explicit, obscene or illegal will be refused at the discretion of advisors.
* If you are wanting more feedback on a review you already posted within 30 days, do not request another review for the same website. You will be allowed to resurrect your most recent review for additional feedback. If your review is over 30 days old, you will be required to review 3 other members' sites before your review will be considered.
* Double check your website review for errors. Often times, reviews are submitted with an invalid url or no url at all. Website reviews containing invalid url's or missing url's will be removed from the que, and you will be notified via email. Keep in mind, this will only delay the process of your review.

When you post your site for review, the moderators will preview your site to ensure the guidelines are followed as outlined. If there is a descrepancy, you will be notified via email, and your request will be removed from the que.

Important: Your review request will be dealt with as soon as possible, but response times may vary. Typically, reviews will be dealt with within 72 hours. If your request is not approved immediately, do not post it again. You should instead, pm one of the moderators of this forum.

Tips and guidelines for giving helpful reviews:

- When reviewing another member's site, it can be helpful to give as much information as possible about the browser and configuration you are using to view that site. If you have more than one browser installed, why not check it in one of the others?

- The member would usually rather hear comments about particular aspects of his or her site, rather than general judgements of the website. It would be unhelpful to submit just a rating, without drawing attention to some of the factors which influenced your rating.
A comment such as "I do not like the color scheme" is not extensive enough and is not considered helpful to members.

- Consider looking at what other reviewers have said. If you feel that the reviews for somebody's site are quite thorough and helpful, you might consider reviewing a site that hasn't received as many helpful reviews.

When you want to submit your own site for review, it is very important that for each site you post, you've given other members at least three helpful reviews within the past 30 days. If your reviews have obviously been unhelpful or brief then you will need to give some more helpful reviews before your site is posted.

All reviews should be considered constructive criticism. Although your site may be of a generally high quality, it is likely that reviews will focus upon specific issues or problems that people have with your site. This in no way signifies that the reviewer is out to get you, or that your site is of poor quality.

Additional notes:

- The reviews given in this forum are the opinions and property of the individual review giver. They in no way reflect the position or opinion of SitePoint Pty. Ltd.

- These reviews are free to our members. If you don't like the review you are given, SitePoint cannot provide any support for you or your site.

- You can only submit one site for review in a single post. If you wish to submit more than one site for review, you'll need to give three reviews for each site, and submit the requests separately.

Additional Tips for the Newbies

Originally posted by Overgrow, 9 Jan 2001:

A suggestion for shy new reviewers

If you are inexperienced at web design and somewhat new at computers, you make a perfect candidate to test an interface. You don't have to make brilliant comments about the javascript, just tell them exactly what you thought of the site from your perspective.

Does the front page make you want to click in further?

Are you confused when you first see the navigation and menu system or does your eye flow to the most important parts first?

Are things generally where you expect them to be?

Tell the developer whether the site loads quickly enough for your hardware configuration.

When you click on a link, is it what you expected to be on the next page, or not? If it's not, tell the owner what you thought you were going to see-- this is very important for the designer to be able to get a fresh view on how the navigation works.

Can you find your way around and then back to the start again? Are the search facilities appropriate for the site?

Imagine yourself as the site's target audience (whether it be children, lumberjacks, or cricket umpires) and tell the designer whether you think the colors and graphics are appropriate for the audience. Is the kids site colorful and lively or dull and grey? Is the tax advice site using too much flash and graphics that people wanting tax advice don't care about?

Anyway.. just a few thoughts on how you can review a few sites from an end user's perspective instead of a developer's.