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    GoTo Changing Name to Overture Services

    Got this in my email last night:

    Dear GoTo Advertiser:

    We're excited to let you know that, effective October 8th, GoTo will
    become Overture Services, Inc. This new name reaffirms our market leadership
    in Pay-For-Performance search and online marketing.

    Although our name will change, the quality and volume of targeted leads
    will stay as strong as ever. More than 95% of the traffic you currently
    receive from GoTo is delivered from our extensive network of partners,
    including America Online, Terra Lycos and AltaVista. The remaining traffic,
    which comes from users visiting the GoTo homepage ( will
    automatically be redirected to Overture's new homepage beginning in October.

    Find out more about our name change by reading the attached press release.
    We will send you another update next month when the name change is official.

    If you would like to contact us, please do not respond directly to this
    email, instead use our Support Request Form found in the DirecTraffic
    Center® at


    Ted Meisel, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Jaynie Studenmund, Chief Operating Officer

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