hi everyone,

has someone done this yet?

I have a main server with a MSSQL db.

I have several people with laptops having an Apache and MySQL server installed.

the people can change things to the db on local. now what I want is that the db synchronize upon network/internet connection.

I have a timestamp for each row. so I someone changes something the timestamp is changed automatically. The idea is to compare the timestamp from each row. Oldest will be overwritten by the newest.

Is this a good way to go? Or is there any of the shelf function I don't know about? I'm wondering: what if the db becomes quiet large? won't it be taking ages to do al this?

2nd: Can I make the 2 SQL-servers communicate directly with each other? Or should I make the connection in php-script both ways, store evertyhing in variables and then do the update queries myself?

The users with the laptops are not good in working with a PC. So it has to be fully automatic (maybe a synchro forced by clicking a button, but that's the maximum I can ask )