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Thread: HitBox & IE 6

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    HitBox & IE 6

    Hi all,

    Not sure where to put this to get some responses, but since Hitbox is an add on counter for sites, thought I might get some feed back here.

    Upgraded to IE 6, it's got a cookie blocker built in. Well, my own home page now takes forever to come up, maybe due to the Hitbox counter in the page. For comparison my home page is and I removed hitbox code on In doing a "control" refresh, original page sometimes hangs for as long as 30 seconds, while page without hitbox has been coming up in less than 2 seconds today.

    Yes, there are some html errors on the page, and yes it's a heavy page roughly 115k. But I've player around for a couple hours and can load other 250k home pages in less time than my own page. Funny thing is even the heavier pages I've tried also get cookies blocked by IE 6 from ads, banners, popups, etc. Yet all have come up much faster than my page.

    Is there something particular about IE 6 and Hitbox?? I've done trace's, and pings, line tests, etc. All is well from my end, running cable modem. Would someone be so kind as to check each page and give me some feed back?? Thanks!!!

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    Both pages came up for me in under 10 seconds (I'm on ADSL) the ctrl refresh came up in about 2 seconds. I'm also not seeing the cookie blocker image on IE. Maybe hitbox updated their privacy policy?

    I like your site BTW, very clean and uncluttered looking for so much information.


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