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    Advice, pls - Moving Clients Along?

    I'm sure your very familiar with clients lagging on content which put a halt
    to projects (and payment for the project). How have you tactfully moved
    clients forward so you can get their website published?

    I have a client whom, right before launching, added new sections (adding to
    the site map) to their website but don't have any content ready. It's been
    months and months!

    Thanks for your advice,

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    I don't think you can do so much about your actual client (other than politely ask them again and again for the content), but you learned a lesson for the future.

    1. Stipulate that content is due by a certain date and, if not received, the client is in breach of contract. (You'll have to specify the ramifications of that breach, such as the client loses his deposit or a portion thereof, and the contract is voided.)

    2. Stipulate that if content isn't received by a certain date, the remaining balance of the project is due and payable. (This avoids calling delay a breach and canceling the contract outright, yet still spells out consequences and provides a motivation for the client to supply content in a timely manner.)

    3. Instead of attaching payments to production milestones, stipulate that final payment is due within a certain number of days, regardless of whether the project is completed or not. You can specify the time frame roughly to correspond with the date you estimate that the project will be completed, were no delays to occur. (This also avoids a breach and cancellation of the contract, but also avoids the impression that you're punishing the client for being late -- and you still get your money on time! The client's primary motivation to provide content in a timely manner is that he'll have paid for a site that remains largely unfinished, due to his own inaction.)
    You may want to read the whole article:


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