Hi there,

I have landed a job developing an on-line fashion accessories store. It seems to be reasonably straight up with a couple of twists and turns. The client wants us to take inspiration from www.anthropologie.com. Here is a a quick summary of the non-standard features we will need to implement:

* defining "ensembles" of products. Eg. on a product detail page, thumbnails for suggested products to complete an outfit appear as thumbnails. When you click on one, their details are also shown
* Defining "Outfits" - sets of pre-defined combos of products, and the ability to purchase one or all products
* Providing multiple images per product. Eg thumbnails and 2 levels of zoom for three angles of a product, as well as being able to select a colour for the image to display. This could all be navigated from a product's details entry
* Wishlist
* Allow user to view all their previous purchases, including thumbnails and a link to the product

This will be myself and my buddy's first large-ish project and there is a bit of marketing money going into the launch. I've been looking at Virtuemart but have found configuring it on a Windows server a real pain. Also I'm not sure what the traffic on the site is going to be like and I want to make sure it doesn't fall over in the case of high volume. I have also been looking at www.litecommerce.com as an option.

I have some C, Java, javascript and ASP.net experience and am quite handy with html and css. I've done a small amount of PHP, and I'm not scared of having to learn a bit more if the shopping cart is right.

Sorry for the long post - any suggestions for a customisable and reliable cart solution?

Thanks in advance.