Hi, I am in the process of designing a new database driven site useing php and mysql. I am fairly new to these and would like to through myself in at the deep end in order to learn.
It is to be a fantasy football league.

I will have 4 tables which look like this:

| ID | Username | Email | Support | Password | Datejoined | TID |

| ID | Name | Money | Transfers | Points |

| ID | Name | Team | Value | Pos | Points |

| TID | PID |

The players points will be updated manualy.
My problems are, I want the teams' points to be updated by the players points. How can I achieve this.

My first thought was to have each teams total worked out when that teams user logged on by adding up the points of each player in his team. This will not work as each team has 17 players and only 11 active at one time. These can be changed so that that the team would not be due to every point earned by each of its players. Also I would like to have a system of transfers which would mean that some players would only be part of a team for part of the season.

Also I would like to have the teams total points available each week to have a league table. I think the updating of teams points need to be updated when ever I update any players points but I am not sure how this would work.

Please note I am not looking for any code, just a bit of direction. Do my tables look feesable? Is there an easier or better way to aproach this or am I basically on the right track?

Any advice would be greatly apreciated