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    Post How do you close a $2,000 interstate account via email?

    Well, how do you? The company (relatively well-established) I work for is facing this.

    I'd like to hear from those who've actually done it.

    It's obviously a small job, but the client is based in another state. Sending our team there would double the project cost (not feasible).

    Great to get some ideas (and fodder for watercooler chat) on these points:

    * Once you receive an email enquiry, do you call the client? Continue email discussion?

    * Do you have a policy for this in your business? I.e., do you send them an already prepared letter relating to the service?

    * When do you close the sale? Do you send all your project details without payment and risk the client backing out?

    * Do you just handle it like you do a normal RFP? If so, do you have a procedure for handling RFPs? It this pretty much based on a template or do you spend hours preparing it for the client?

    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

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    I prefer to talk to potential clients in person or on the phone. Email just isn't a good way to communicate when you both need to really understand the project requirements.

    I have my potential clients fill out a needs analysis form, either a PDF or on my website, that helps determine their needs. Then we'll develop a proposal (free or at a cost depending on the size of the project) and send it to them. We'll try to get together on the phone and go over the proposal since we can't give it in person.

    When it comes to closing the sale, I have them fax or mail the signed contract back and send a deposit check before we begin work.


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