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    Innovative eCommerce

    I've been through my fair share of eCommerce sites in preperation of building my new site. After doing a lot of research i've come to the conclusion there isn't a whole lot of innovative eCommerce sites.

    Looking at the process of being on the consumer end of a eCommerce transaction i think i've identified some of the most important aspects of making a purchase online.

    • Accessibility: Make it as easy as possibly for a consumer to locate the product they desire
    • Simplify: Don't overwhelm consumer with information. No one likes to be confused, especially when they're giving you their money.
    • By the way: Browse through a site like for a product and you'll constantly be reminded of other products which you may be interested in. From complicated demographic heuristics, or simple 'related' products that are managed manually.

    One of the more innovative things i've seen recently is the 'Create your Ring' feature from Amazon. They provide good use of AJAX-like technology to make the process of finding a ring as easy as possible. Create your Ring

    I'm trying to think of other elements of the eCommerce process that is important. I'd like to hear from everyone here what you think is most important for a consumer on eCommerce site. Also, i'd be interested in seeing anything that seems relatively innovative.

    - RJ
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