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    Importing database problem

    I`m trying to import an SMF forums database. I`m using phpmyadmin as the file is rather small in size, at around 2mb.

    Problem is, the dump was created using mysql version 4.1.16-standard and the server I`m trying to import to is using an older version 4.0.25-standard. Naturally it`s causing problems, with syntax errors probably because of the charset differences.

    Now, I guess I could install a new SMF forum, and just run queries by pasting in the `INSERT INTO` portions only, but surely there`s an easier way to make the database compatible so I can import in one go? I also have another database to move, but again I can`t because of the syntax problems. It`s a pain going through the file and running queries!


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    just delete the parts at the end of the table definitions that sepcify the charset. also, you will have to change where is says engine= to type= (or the other way around if i'm thinking about this backwards).


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