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    Cool Including PHP Variables on All Pages?

    I've been working on tweaking the layout of my wrestling site, so I set up a sub-folder at and just worked with one index.php file for all of my coding, which included phpBB forum coding that was being grabbed at the top of the page.

    When I finished the layout how I wanted, I set up my index page to have PHP includes like I always do. I have one include for the stuff above the head, one for the top of my layout, one for the middle, one for the right, and one for my footer.

    So after I did all this, the phpBB coding was not being recognized. I eventually figured out that it was probably because the phpBB coding at the top was only being recognized on phpBB and not my middle php included page, which is where I want to display the actual forum thingys.

    So, how would I go about including the php thing in all of my pages, so that I can still use includes? It's kinda annoying just having one index.php file, since I prefer editing my coding in small sections.

    Any help is appreciated...if I wasn't clear enough in my explanation, tell me and I'll try to furthur elaborate.

    P.S...I tried a Google search, but I either didn't understand what they said, or just didn't really know "what" to search for.
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    Hello Chris...

    If l understand your inquiry correctly this should solve the problem.
    After the page has been included ie:

    //page where variables are declaired....

    //snag them like so:
    $some_variable = $GLOBALS['some_variable'];

    For testing purposes.. create two documents.
    1 called: some_variables.php

    in it put:
    $some_variable = "this is a global variable";

    Create a 2nd page and place this code in it:
    $some_variable = $GLOBALS['$some_variable'];

    echo $some_variable;

    this should do the trick!


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