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    Familiar With Liguid? Also DNS Question.

    From what I have read the Liguid template system is designed to allow users of a RoR web app edit the look of "their" site. How does this work with the end-user in practical terms? Has anyone used it? Do you provide a generic template to the end-user who then modifies and uploads it back into the system?

    Second question, and I know it's not directly Ruby related. I see a lot of RoR subscription web apps popping up, like basecamp, shopify (coming soon), etc.. With these services, would it be possible to have your domain name point to them? I mean more than just redirection.

    If your account is and you want your domain, to point to it. But it should be completely hidden to the end user, for example, if you enter - it should request the info from - but still say in the browser's address bar. Is this possible? If not, how are others dealing with this? Do they just not care about using someone else's domain name?

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