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    Backing Up/Retrieving Data from Down-ed MySQL


    My site's MySQL is not running. Connections cannot be made and I'm not sure whats the problem. Now, I need to get the data from the databases. I tried mysqldump but upon asking for password, just stalls there.

    Is there a method to retrieve the data while mysql is not running? I can't start mysql btw.

    I have SSH access to the server. I can't reboot as its hosted in another country. My host isn't responding too.

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    find the directory where the mysql data files are stored. i don't know where on linux there are usually stored, but if you do a search for *.frm, you should be able to find them. you can them drop the folder that corresponds to the database in question in to the data directory of another mysql installation. ince you do that, make sure to run a REPAIR on the tables.

    innodb is a little different, so if you need those instructions, let me know.

    if the mysql server is on another server, you're at the mercy of your host.


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