Can anyone help a php newbie with this? I have read from a MySQL table to show the quantity of cart items selected. What i'd like the user to do is change the quantity text field and update it with a button.

Here is the display code:

$contents = $cart->display_contents($table,$session,$product_id);
if($contents[product_id][0] != "")
while($x != $cart->num_items($table,$session))
echo "<TR><TD>".$contents[product_id][$x]."</TD><TD>".$contents[product][$x]. "</TD><TD>".$contents[price][$x]. "</TD>\n";
$product = $contents[product][$x];
echo "<TD><INPUT TYPE=text size=3 name=quantity[$product] ";
echo "value=\"".$contents[quantity][$x]. "\"></TD>";

Thanks for any help.