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    north london architect

    i've been tinkering w mysql and php for a while

    i'm an architect and want to make a simple site for posting "ideas" via a form linked to a mysql db..initially this will be a bunch of my work on urban places here in London but will slowly be filled out with material provided with others

    there'll be an expanding set of categories..eventually, I hope what will emerge will be some kind of archive themed around places, mixing urban design apercus, personal experience, sketches, relevant government documentation about the environment, info about economic change and its impact on place etc

    i can just about make this site in between everything else I have to do

    i'm also trying to set up a mambo-based site as a newsletter with advertising carrying informed and well-written opinion pieces about our piece of The Smoke..but working out to fiddle with all those modules, mambots, components, menus etc ain't my idea of spare-time fun...

    I have a damn good set of relationships with local traders so am confident of a small but useful flow of ad revenue with which some fun might be had..

    so this is a call-out to anyone out there in North London (NW5 preferably) who's interested in urban affairs and wouldn't mind setting about helping me negotiate the rigours of mambo and db based sites

    lemme know


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    Drop me a line some time, I'm usually in the area (or there abouts) and don't particuarly mind helping out now and then with well-aimed projects with a good driving force behind them (as you seem to have).

    - Harry


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